The Most Effective Diablo 3 Speed Leveling Guide

     With more than 2 million avid gamers from all over the world, being recognized as one of the top or elite players in the game can almost be impossible. One of the things that can make you stand out above the rest is if you belong to the upper levels, and we are talking about somewhere between levels 55-60.  But it may sound pretty easy, but most players take as much as 3 to 6 months just to reach this level. Blizzard made this third Diablo game installment a little tougher so that it can provide enough challenge for veteran players and not bore any of the pros out there. But although this is cool with the top gamers, newbies suffer a lot because they are the ones that get left behind by the pack.

      But there are times where even veteran players can encounter some difficulties in the game especially when it comes to leveling. The usual power leveling tactics that most MMORPG players use like grinding  doesn’t seem to do them much good and instead just make them waste lots of hours sitting on their computer watching their character endlessly kill monsters. But you don’t have to do all of these troubles if you start using a Diablo 3 speed leveling guide like this  Diablo 3 Speed.
      This unofficial Diablo 3 guide is carefully written by professional online game players and all of the methods or tactics that gave are tried and tested for accuracy. This guide is not just a collection of rehashed information taken from opinions shared in forums, but rather these tips came as a result of countless hours of gaming and also some insider tips that are not commonly available to players.
           Aside from giving the players the best methods to be used in power leveling, this guide will also help you make the perfect build for your character, choose the right piece of armor, weapons and buffs that will complement your character’s skills and abilities. This will save you a lot of time from figuring out what will work or don’t. You will also lessen the risks of you being killed in the process while you experiment different builds.
                Using this leveling guide will make you look like a pro even if its just your first time playing Diablo 3. There are a lot of things that you can learn from this guide and you can say that it is really worth it. So if you think that you deserve the respect of other gamers in your server, then be sure that you don't forget to check out this  Diablo 3 Speed guide that you can download here!

Monk Class Power Leveling Tips

        As you all know, the Monk Class uses Dexterity as their main stat which improves their dodge chance and damage points. So capitalizing on the high damage output of Monks can help you power level up in Diablo 3. But in order for you to speed level, you must be able to create a powerful build and match your play style with the natural abilities of the Monk Class. The Monk is a character that can be able to face powerful enemies. The Monk can heal, dodge and deal damage making them ideal for group or solo play. So here is a suggested level by level build for the Monk. Just be sure that you have set an Elective Mode in the gameplay menu.

Level 1: You will have the Fists of Thunder in the beginning of the game. This is the skill that can help you build your Spirit which will be needed in most of your powerful skills.

Level 2: This is when you equip yourself with your first attack skill which is the Lashing Tail Kick in the 2nd slot of your Active Skill. This skill uses Spirit but can deal a good amount of damage on your enemy.

Level 3: You can now replace your Fists of Thunder with the Deadly Reach to build your Spirit. This skill will also give you a nice AoE damage. When using this skill, it will give you 2 short ranged attacks, but the third one will be able to reach up to 25 yards damaging enemies within that area. This skill uses little Spirit and can be spammed.

There will be no change in your build and skills during levels 4 and 5. Just continue with your quests and make some gold. You can practice your skills against weak enemies.

Level 6: You can now fill the 3rd slot in your Active Skill with the Tempest Rush.

Level 7: Replace your Lashing Tail Kick skill with the Vulture Claw Kick Rune

Level 8: This time you will now have your first skill that can enable you to group heal which is makes Monk survive battles for a very long time. Have the Breath of Heaven replace your Tempest Rush skill in the 3rd slot of your Active Skill.

Level 9: The mobs in Normal mode doesn’t really cause severe damage, so you can just drop Breath of Heaven and replace it with the Dashing Strike which will give you with more attack speed and mobility. You will also replace the Deadly Reach with the Piercing Trident Rune.

Level 10: The Dashing Strike will have already gave you a lot of speed and you can further increase your mobility by equipping the Fleet Footed in the first slot of your Passive Skill. At this point the Monk is the most mobile character and you have the ability to cause powerful AoE damage thanks to the Piercing Trident Rune. With this starting build you can whack enemies in seconds and speed level very effectively. The rest of the power leveling tips for Monks will be posted in this Diablo 3 Speed Leveling guide so be sure that you subscribe to this blog.

Fast Lvling Guide For The Barbarian Class

     A lot of Diablo 3 players are way over thinking things when it comes to deciding which build to go for their Barbarian character. So here is a fast lvling guide that you can use to speed things up for character without having to sacrifice any of your time in gold making.

     First of all the build that you can use for your Barbarian character is mostly based on what kind of quests you want to do. But trust me, endlessly slashing and killing mobs is not the best method in lvling your Barbarian character. Not only will grinding consumes a lot of time, it gets boring in the long run. It will also limit your time that can be used for making some nice gold like crafting items and trading in the auction house. There’s always a better way to speed level in Diablo 3, you just need to think differently and Blizzard will surely reward your efforts with good amount of XP points.

         So in order for you to know the best leveling technique to employ in your game, you must understand some background behind the Barbarian class. This class is melee, which means that Barbarians are good in close contact battles, they have a good amount of HP and Defense making them the perfect tank against enemies. However, this also comes with some disadvantages. They are sometimes weak against long range casters who can deal a lot of damage from far away, which means when your Barbarian character will already have received severe damage even before it can come near to make an attack.
       This very short range attack of the Barbarian Class is a huge problem especially for low level characters that don’t have enough armor to protect themselves. So a good method is to always pair up with long range characters and healers. This can help you fight mobs longer and have a better survival rate. Being in a group can serve Barbarians better as it can provide them with a lot of support during fights.

       If you want to speed level your Barbarian then you must continually engage in battles. The Fury is the primary skill of the Barbarian Class, this skill increases whenever you attack and receive attacks. This ability offers a wide variety of skills that can greatly improve the damage point of your character.

       If you still think that you leveling your Barbarian is taking longer, then the use of rune stones will hugely affect your game. There are different kinds of rune stones and each provides a boost on some of your abilities. Try to go for rune stones that offer increased attack speed and mobility. This will shorten the time you’ll have to spend in killing one monster and go to your next destination for your quest. A Diablo 3 Speed Leveling guide will give you a detailed step by step guide on power leveling any class.

How To Quickly Level Up In Diablo 3

         If you are like me who have been playing online MMORPGs for quite some time now, you may have been able to notice some similarities in most of these games. Most of the people who play these games have one thing in common and that is to find the quickest possible way to speed level or complete all the missions. There was a time where a simple Asian guy proves that the Super Mario 3 game which took a lot of people months to win can be won in less than 11 minutes and he actually has a video to prove it.

   His single video completely altered the way gamers think about the game. And it is not only possible to be done in Super Mario 3 but in any other online games as well just like in Diablo 3. However, if you think that increasing your Diablo 3 attack speed and endlessly grind mobs in an isolated spot all by yourself is the fastest way to level, then you’re wrong. This Diablo leveling method may have worked in the previous versions of the game, but this time the developers in Blizzard Entertainment made the experience or XP points that you can get from grinding mobs lesser. So this means that you will have to spend a lot more time grinding before you can go up 1 level especially if you reach around level 40’s.

            One of the good powerful leveling tips that you can use is to find good equipment to be used in the game. There is some equipment that provides extra or bonus XP every time you will use in killing mobs. These powerful equipments can make killing mobs a lot faster as some of them also provide additional damage. You can find these items from auction houses or drops from mobs.

Of course another way to speed level in Diablo 3 is by completing quests or missions. Quests provide a very good amount of XP that can greatly boosts your stats. However, one concern of players about doing quests is that most of these take several hours to complete especially if it requires finding rare items, secret passages or killing very high level monsters. But you can save a lot of time if you make use of some Diablo 3 game guides that can help you find your way through some of these quests.

There are power leveling tips that you can get from some quick leveling guide that are sold in the market today. However, make it sure that you only buy the real one as there are some Diablo 3 leveling guides that are only a collection of posts from forums posted by other Diablo players and most of these tips are not applicable for your game. The Diablo 3 speed leveling is a very good lvling guide that can help you accomplish your goal in Diablo 3. 

Welcome to Diablo 3 Speed Leveling Guide

        Thank you for paying a visit to this Diablo 3 Speed leveling guide. The goal of this fast leveling guide is to show you how you can max out the level of your character in the fastest possible time. There are a lot of reasons why being stuck in the lower levels is not that fun. One reason is that you won’t get to enjoy the use of cool and rare items in the game. The characters that are in the lower level bracket are still not capable of handling some of these powerful items, so what most of them can only use are the common items that only does average damage to the enemies.

      The use of these rare items can make your Diablo 3 game a whole easier and faster as these can provide additional stats and bonus to your character’s overall stats. Not to mention some of these valuable items can give you some cool skills that can be used to kill mobs or better yet in PvPs. These rare items can either be bought in the auction house or as rewards from completing quests.

      Another reason why being in the lower levels is not good for you is because you will always be an easy target for mobs or for other players during team battles. Weak teammates can sometimes be a pain rather than a help during team fights. Instead of supporting the other characters in attacking the low level characters end up being protected by someone else and spend a lot of time healing instead of attacking the enemies. This is not good especially if your team needs to win. This is the reason why some teams won’t accept low level characters into their group because of the delays that they might cause during team fights because of their low Diablo 3 attack speed. These low level characters will always end up being left behind by those with higher levels. 

       These are the reasons why a lot of players focus so much of their playing time in trying to speed level by grinding. However, this method is not that effective and it’s just a huge waste of your time. Killing the same mobs over and over again would take you forever to reach level 60, if you even get close to that. But there are a lot of better and quicker methods that you can use to power level your Diablo 3 character.

      I know that there are a lot of Diablo 3 quick leveling guide out there. But it’s a fact that not all of them are that good nor as effective. What I’m going to share with you in here are some of the most effective power leveling tips that will surely boost up your level in record time. Stay tuned in this Diablo 3 Speed Leveling guide to learn more.